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Through my travel stories and experiences, I inspire females to travel the world solo.  I offer tips, tricks, and info on ways to travel the world on a tight budget.   I’m a forever traveler and adventure seeker.  I have found a burning passion for travel and want to help women seek and find their inner wanderlust.

In February of 2018, I left the U.S. on a journey of a lifetime.  I was a bartender in a small local bar and I have always loved my job, but I constantly felt something was missing in my life.   Travel has always been in my blood and everywhere is on my list.  I made excuses for years on why I didn’t want to travel alone and never met that person who shared my same dreams of living the life of a nomad.   When I took that plunge, bought that ticket and embarked on long-term travel through SE Asia, my entire world shifted.  I have found my spot in this world and it will never be in one place.  I’m empowered by all the fears that I conquer, each hurdle I leap over and the people I meet along the way.

Although my vagabond lifestyle may not be for everyone, I hope to inspire women to take that trip they have always dreamed of, no matter what fears have held them back.


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How I Became a Full-time Traveler

I always knew I wanted to travel long-term.  I dreamed of the digital nomad life.  Working from where ever I decided was best, on my own time and under my own term.   I started saving when I was in my late 20’s.  I would stash away all my extra money and never touched it or even looked at it.   I made so many excuses for years on why I wasn’t ready.

I don’t want to lose my apartment- I had the most beautiful apartment

I don’t want to leave my cats- My two little fur babies

I don’t want to leave my job- I love to bartend and I had a great gig.

Do I really want to travel alone?

Through all the years of excuses, I still continued to save and when I finally pulled that plug and bought that one-way ticket out of town, I had saved enough money to be gone for a very long time.


Julie Laughlin with two travel backpacks
Two cats snuggling together

Recent writings

A collection of my most recent blogs while traveling through SE Asia

How I Saved For Long Term Travel

How I Saved For Long Term Travel

I get a lot of people asking me how I earned, saved and budgeted for my long term travel.  I get questions like "how do you make money while you travel?" or "did you win the lottery?"  Also, I hear a lot of "how much money did you start with?" and "what's your daily...

The Making of a Travel Addict

The Making of a Travel Addict

People ask me all the time about how I became a travel addict.  Why did you leave?  Was it because you had a broken heart?  How could you sell everything?   What will you do when you return?  What about your job?  Why would you travel alone?  Are you running away from...

Working Nomads- How To Be A Digital Nomad

Working Nomads- How To Be A Digital Nomad

Have you ever seen an image like the one above and been like "how the F do I get to that?" How do I become one of those working nomads?  Well, I have, pretty recently actually.   Back in February of 2018 I quit my job, sold EVERYTHING I owned, bought a one-way ticket...

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