This is my first post about a hostel. I’ve been traveling for about five weeks now and have stayed in several different hostels. Some are good, some are ok and some just straight suck. Every traveler is unique and looking for different things from their accommodation. For me my top priorities are cleanliness, especially in the bathroom, air conditioning, friendly staff, common areas to mingle with other travelers, free breakfast and laundry facility on premises.

I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had any “bad” hostel experiences yet on this trip *knock on wood*. The worst ones have been because the AC didn’t work or the bathrooms totally grossed me out.  Or the staff could care less about helping me have the best experience or knew nothing about the surrounding area.

Originally, when I arrived in Yangon, I stayed at Little Yangon hostel. Which wasn’t a bad spot but the top bunk was really high. I couldn’t reach up to it from the ground.   At night I got pretty warm because I was above the AC and only warm air was getting to me. Also, the bathrooms always stunk like sewage.   I only stayed for 2 nights. Usually I like to stay for 3 nights before moving on.

After some research I found Backpackers Bed and Breakfast. It’s less suggested on the blogs and articles I read and I have no idea why. It was a measly 1 USD more expensive than my previous hostel but has a beautiful view from the balconies and the roof top restaurant. They serve a legit full breakfast, no cheap white bread and jam here. The AC works fantastic, almost too good because I didn’t want to leave my room! The bathrooms are very well kept and clean. Also, curtains around the bed. I’m a sucker for this small amenity. I love that I can have my own private space in a room shared with many.

Laundry and clean clothes are very important to me. If you know me well, then you know I don’t like to put anything on my body unless it has been properly washed. I will never wear something twice without washing it. Being on the road makes this very difficult and I have tried to work on this because this commodity doesn’t really work as a backpacker. I’m getting better at skirts and pajamas, I’ll wear those twice. Shirts, leggings, pants and shorts. No way. Anyways, I’ve been paying a bit of money to wash my few outfits about twice a week. Money well spent in my opinion. I asked at the front desk about laundry options they offered me their laundry facility at no charge and supplied the detergent, which is amazing because I have detergent sheets. Which I’m convinced are nothing. I know this small gesture is really minor but for me meant the world. I was so appreciative, no words can explain.

All that alone would have put them in my top slot but there’s more. The staff here are beyond fantastic. I have never felt so welcome in a place. The staff truly wants to ensure you have the best experience in every way, shape and form. They go out of their way to accommodate you and find you answers to all your silly travel questions. I’m taken aback by their hospitality.

I will be back in Yangon at the end of my Myanmar stay and I will for sure be staying here at the Backpackers Bed and Breakfast!