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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

I’ve always been travel minded.  From a young age, I was interested in other countries and the cultures they bestowed.   I would delve right into any travel guide or article I could get my hands on.  

Over the years I worked at saving to make my dreams of long-term world travel come true.   Many things inspired me and solidified the importance of travel in my life. 

Now that I am passionately forging my way through the world one city at I time I have found my place in the world and it’s definitely not in one place.  Follow me along this journey for inspiration, tips and hilarious stories of misfortune, accomplishment and hurdle hopping. 

Travel History

My world travel began in Asia on 21 February 2018 with Bangkok, Thailand as my first touch down.   Every day I add to my numbers and my overall accomplishment of seeing it all.   Simply because everywhere is on the list.




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My latest and greatest.  Enjoy!

Working Nomads- How To Be A Digital Nomad

Have you ever seen an image like the one above and been like "how the F do I get to that?" How do I become one of those working nomads?  Well, I have, pretty recently actually.   Back in February of 2018 I quit my job, sold EVERYTHING I owned, bought a one-way ticket...

Ayutthaya Temples- Your Guide To The Ancient City

Ayutthaya, Thailand is an amazing city full of history and character.  In the past, I have had several people ask me questions about this captivating city.  So, here is a brief rundown of everything I learned about this awe-inspiring place and all the details about my...

Where To Stay In Phu Quoc

Finding a decent place to sleep and store my things is pretty important.  I feel like most people share this value.  With that being said, I've stayed in some pretty horrific hostels. Obviously, I'm a budget traveler so I anticipate that most of the time.   When...

Julie's Tips & Tricks For Traveling Cheap

Budget travel isn’t for everyone.   However, for me it’s everything.  Being a full-time traveler means making every penny count.  Managing money while on the road can be challenging at times but don’t worry I can help with that.  I’ll share all my secrets on how to budget travel like a boss.

My Upcoming Trips


Thailand Islands


Travel Gallery

A collection of a few of my favorite shots.  Click to enlarge for a closer look!

Phong Nha National Park, Vietnam
Boats in bay at Koh Rong Sanloam Island, Cambodia
Cham Ruins outside Quy Nohn, Vietnam
View from Mount Phousi in Luang Prabang, Laos
Ancient Temple in Bagan, Myanmar
Yellow building in Hoi An, Vietnam

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