Doi Inthanon, also known as the roof of Thailand, is a large National Park in Northern Thailand.  It lies about 38 miles outside of Chiang Mai and is approximately 186 square miles in size.   It encompasses Doi Inthanon, which is the highest mountain in Thailand, about 4,500 hill tribe people, 4 large waterfalls and elevations between 2,600 and 8,400ft.

For me the only legit way to visit this natural beauty was to book a tour.  You all know how much I love a good tour that picks you up and drops you off at your accommodation.  This was one of those!  The group was about 12 of us.  I sat next to two girls from Europe with lovely accents.  We chatted on the hour or so drive up to the National Park.  Our first stop was a quick stop at Sirithan Waterfall.  Basically, get out, take a picture and then back on the road.  Second stop was in a Karen hill tribe village.

I did like to see the village, I’m so terribly fascinated in the way that other people live their lives, especially in other countries.  However, I felt bad for these people having tourists come through several times a day and disturbing their peace and walking around their homes gawking at them.  I don’t even like strangers coming into my home to fix a leaking pipe, and here I was poking around peoples homes and completely violating their privacy.  I don’t know if this is done with consent or not, but I assumed so.  They have a small shop that they sell their home made clothes, they sell fresh coffee made from the coffee beans they harvest and I know they make money from that.  I bought a cup of coffee made in traditional Thai fashion and it was fantastic.  So I supported the cause but still I felt a little out of place.   I did take a video though.  check it out on my YouTube page here.

From there we headed to our second waterfall, Wachirathan. This waterfall was way more massive than the first and it had a few trails you could adventure on to see different angles of the waterfall.  We were set loose to explore for a bit until we met back up at a little restaurant next to the waterfall that served us a family style lunch of veggies, soup, eggs and rice.  It was nice to sit and chat with everyone in the group and see where everyone was from.  Mostly European.  Almost always European.  But I don’t mind, their accents are so cute on females and so sexy on guys!

Next stop was the highest point in Thailand.  The trail leading up to the highest point was beautiful.  Straight through the jungle on a bamboo trail.  Check out my YouTube video of this here.  At the end of the bamboo trail is a Shrine to King Inthanon, which the mountain was obviously named after.  Then a large wooden sign marking the highest point in Thailand.  Just another tourist attraction!  Don’t worry I took a picture like a good tourist!

Our final stop of the day was to the twin pagodas built in honor of the King and Queen for their 60th birthdays.  They enjoyed Doi Inthanon mountain greatly and visited frequently.  The pagodas were built by the Thai army.  There are both stairs or escalators to take you up to each Pagoda.  Inside there are traditional Budda statues and different art on the walls depicting Buddist culture.  Each are fully decorated from floor to ceiling and have art all around the outside of the structures.   Surrounding each pagoda are beautifully manicured gardens with an abundance of tropical flowers and great views of the jungle valleys.

We headed back to town and I for sure fell asleep on the ride back.  A day full of adventure can really tire you out.  Don’t forget to check my YouTube page for Videos of all these wonderful spots.   Catch ya later!