This post definitely won’t be a very wordy one.  I was just going through all my photos and was noticing how many pictures of amazing flowers I have taken.  I don’t have a lot to say about these tropical beauties.  Many of them I don’t even know the names of.  I couldn’t just sit back and let these flowers be unseen.  I considered starting an Instagram and calling it Flowers of Thailand but that seemed like a lot work.

I’ve always really loved flowers.  I find their beauty so natural and stunning.  I love to stop and smell flowers and put them in my hair.  If you know me well, then you know my work in progress half sleeve of tattoos is all flowers.  Thank god I have such a fantastic artist. He sure is going to have his hands full when I get back because all of these photos are inspiration for the remainder of my sleeve.

Just imagine, this is only Thailand.  I still have so many more countries full of exotic flowers to explore!  Anyways this is my picture blog.  A  digital garden I have created just for you.  What are your favorites? Enjoy!