Tomorrow AM I leave Thailand and am flying to Myanmar.  I have had such a wonderful time exploring Thailand.  The culture, people, temples, ruins, caves, mountains, scooters and food will be forever seared in my heart.  I have made so many new friends and have become comfortable being a foreigner in this beautiful country.  I remember feeling so out of place my first few days here and now I feel more like I belong.  I have had highs and I have had lows, but Thailand has done me well and it sure does look good on me.  I will return Thailand, I’m not done with you!

I know how many of you are concerned about me traveling to Myanmar.  For many years it has been a country run by military and dictatorship.  But Myanmar has fought long and hard and has finally emerged from a time of despair.  Just recently in the past couple of years, they have opened up their doors to tourism.   Tourism is what Myanmar needs right now to boost their economy and help them flourish in their new found freedom from military rule.

I couldn’t be more excited to visit Myanmar.  A country almost untouched by tourism with it’s natural beauty and lush landscape. I only hear wonderful things about the people and culture that has been so wonderfully unexposed to the outside world.  I want nothing more than to immerse myself and learn everything I can about the struggles and the lives of these relentlessly strong people.

I can’t wait to share my pictures, videos and stories with you as I take a journey into this beautiful and plentiful country!