I’m almost two weeks into my year of traveling SE Asia.  This is my first ever blog post.  I apologize if you’re reading this.  This was meant more as a trial run

Oh hey, You’re still here!  Go me!

These last two weeks have been a whirl wind of emotions.  First with leaving my life, my family and my friends to pursue my dreams of traveling the world.  Getting used to life on the road.  The ups, the downs and everything in between.  Finding beauty in everything.  I have been challenged everyday with the language barrier, loneliness and fear.  I have found a strength in me that I knew I had but had never touched.

I have found that I face each challenge with tenacity and grace.  I get that from my Mom (hats off to you Mom).  Everyday I find myself smiling like I have never smiled before.  My life is now full of wonderment and surprise.  Everyday is different and I learn something new each day.  I’m learning how to take my time and to appreciate each moment.   I constantly have to remind myself to breathe and to slow down.  There’s a real beauty in the art of not rushing.

Its crazy to think that I’m only a few weeks into an adventure that I hope will last me a year!