When I first arrived in Myeik from a 24 hour bus ride from Yangon, I was mostly just happy to be off the bus. My taxi to my guesthouse was actually a scooter and I don’t know how we managed to arrive with 2 backpacks and 2 humans on a small scooter but this wasn’t my drivers first rodeo, obviously. Upon arrival I was treated by a charming Chinese woman. She showed me to my room and then gave me the lay of the land. After my tour I started to unpack and I badly needed a shower.

I’m headed to the bathroom and my Chinese host intersects me and says the water is turned off for an hour. I’m severely hurt by this because let’s be honest I’ve been on a bus for 24 hours. I stink and I’m dirty. But you know what. It is, what it is. So I decide to go explore. I go to get on WiFi to plan my route and there is none. So I go downstairs and ask my host about WiFi. She says it doesn’t work. Now I’m crushed. I have no idea how someone traveling and almost solely dependent on WiFi is supposed to work through this. I do have a SIM card so I’m not completely SOL.

I ask her about renting a scooter so I can get around town while I’m here. She says no one rents scooters here. I’m so confused by this. How is it that there are thousands of scooters in this town but no one rents them out? So I don’t have WiFi to get directions and I can’t rent a scooter. I decide to just have her call me a cab and take me to a beach. The cab is expensive, even though it was close enough to walk, but with no WiFi and a guesthouse that doesn’t have a map, I didn’t really have an option.

We drive down to the coast and I have the driver drop me off so I can walk, explore and clear my head. I’m starving because all I’ve had to eat on the bus was crackers, grapes and popcorn and at this point I’m probably just hangry because this isn’t as smooth sailing as I would have hoped. I decided to walk and search for some food. I was really surprised by how dirty the coastline was. Garbage everywhere, the water was a murky brown color, I even saw a dead dog floating in the water against the shore. I walked until I thought I might die of heat stroke. It’s 100 plus right now in the mid day. So I picked a spot and finally ate a meal.

After lunch I went on a hunt to buy a day tour to see the beautiful islands of Myeik. I’m convinced at this point that the islands are the only thing to see here. The city is pretty plain. I landed a spot and booked an all day tour the next day for $80 USD which is A LOT of money to me. My daily budget is only $30 but I want to make this long trek down south worth it so I just suck it up.

I decided I didn’t want to pay for another cab so I chanced it on finding my way back on foot.   My navigational skills are clearly improving because I shockingly found my way back. I’m drenched in sweat and all I can think about is a cold shower and my room with AC and going to bed before 7pm because at this point I’m so exhausted I’m seeing stars.

I take my well deserved cold shower and I’m feeling like that bed is the only place I belong right now. I head back to my room and go to plug in all my dead devices from my long ride and the power won’t work and neither will my AC. Well duh, no power, no AC. So I head back downstairs again to see the host. I say there’s no power in my room and it’s really hot and I need to charge my phone. If there is one thing I wouldn’t be able to survive with on this journey it’s my phone. I use it to get me places, to communicate, to book hostels and stay in touch. She says “oh no power, that happens sometimes.” I ask how long until it is back on and she says one hour. I’m like ok, I can deal with that.

I head back up to my room and lay down to take a nap. I wake up 30 minutes later, I’m again drenched in sweat and it’s about 85 degrees in my room. I can’t do this. Now I need another shower, I have a headache, I’m exhausted and just want to comfortably get some sleep. I pack up and go down to tell the host I can’t stay here. I apologize and have her call me a cab.

The quickest option I could find to get a room for the night is The Grand Jade Hotel. So I head there and check in. This is the first time I’ve had my own room in 6 weeks and I’m pretty excited about it. I even jumped on the king size bed when I got in the room. Most the beds I have been sleeping in seem like they are smaller than twin beds.   Prices are $30 a night but I don’t care at this point. Treat Yo Self.

I’m not even tired anymore and I’m hungry again. Luckily the Grand Jade has a rooftop restaurant. I head up to the rooftop for dinner and some beer. I’ve had a rough day and I’m going to eat and drink my feelings. I order some Tom Yum soup and then notice they have garlic cheese bread. I’m a real sucker for garlic cheese bread. I mean truly it is one of my favorite things to eat. So I order it like a moron. Who orders garlic cheese bread in a place that doesn’t typically have bread or cheese? When it arrived I actually laughed out loud, possibly snorted.  It looked like cardboard with curry seasoning on it and then craft american slices on top but not melted. Just placed on top.\

I head back to my room feeling truly defeated by my day but excited for my private room and my giant bed. I decide to check weather for the next day to see how hot it’s going to be. It says thunder storms. I’m thinking hmmm boats and lightning and thunder. Not cool. Hopefully they refund your money if the tour is cancelled due to weather. I decided I can’t possibly worry more about it tonight and I hit the hay. I’ll deal with that tomorrow.