I absolutely love Chiang Mai.  It’s an amazingly comfortable and quaint little city to explore.  The grid-like setup of the city makes it easy to access all attractions.  It’s a true pleasure to wander through the small alleys and streets, which is where you will find all the enchanting temples of Chiang Mai.  It’s one of Thailand’s largest cities, however, it somehow keeps a small town feel making it my favorite city in Thailand.

Chiang Mai is beautifully situated amongst the highest mountains in Thailand.   The area is surrounded by lush forests boasting beautiful exotic flowers and flora.   You can escape to the mountains to explore the forest and go for a hike.   Or you can chill out in the old city and grab an amazing cup of coffee.  No matter what you decide, make sure you make time to visit the temples of Chiang Mai.


There are incredibly beautiful temples all over Thailand, and I mean ALL OVER.  I have never seen temples or structures as stunning as the ones in Thailand.  They have intricate detail and every inch of them is decorated with colorful murals of art.   Seeing the Buddha’s covered in gold with flowers given up as offering is a breathtaking sight.

The temples are quiet, serene and very calming.  They are designed to inspire inner and outer peace symbolizing five elements: fire, air, earth, water, and wisdom.  Monks can be spotted in every corner in their traditional saffron-colored robes and every morning they walk the streets collecting food offered up from the community.

There are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai alone and seeing all of them would be a daunting task.  From the outside, some of them can seem similar, however, once you enter you can see that each one has its own unique character.  It would be a shame to come to Thailand and not visit the temples of Chiang Mai because they are such a key part of the culture.  This article will help to guide you in finding the best temples of Chiang Mai.