Hai Van Pass- Da Nang, Vietnam

I did something big, something huge!  I guess I should probably explain myself.  I’m writing this, to tell all of you, my faithful followers, that you won’t be hearing from me for awhile.  Don’t worry, breathe, I didn’t take another teaching job.   What I did do is purchase a pretty hefty, 7 week blogging course that will take up the vast majority of my free time.  I’ve been thinking more and more about getting some help when it comes to blogging.  I found a course that I truly believe in, that is hosted by a travel blogging couple.  I have been following their work for a few years and I trust they can really help me take this baby of mine to the next level.

At first I started blogging for fun, for you.  You being my friends, family and a few others I have so graciously picked up along the way.   I wanted a way to connect with my peeps back home and not lose touch.  I wanted you guys to know I was safe, alive and living out my dream.  I did countless hours of research on how to start and run a blog.  The more I read about blogging, the more I decided it was something I was interested in pursuing long term.  My hopes are to make enough income from blogging in order to continue traveling forever.

As most of you know, I’m a technology idiot.  I have zero skills when it comes to techy stuff such as how to use my cell phone properly, how do I transfer files from my camera to my computer, how do I set up a computer?  Laugh and wrap your head around that for a minute.  I purchased a small little travel computer a month or so before I left.  It was a hard decision and a giant chunk of my travel money, but how am I going to be a successful blogger without a computer?  I stressed myself out so much about buying the right computer and not knowing what I would need.  This would be the first time I would be using a computer for more than downloading music (is that even a thing anymore?) and surfing the web.   I don’t know shit about hard drives, ram or gigs.  Do you mean the LA Rams?  Like a concert gig?   I’m so lost.

After much contemplation and multiple trips (via city bus) to best buy, where they no doubtingly suspected me to be casing the place for a big steal, I finally made a decision.  I’m in love with my little, light as a feather laptop, it can go everywhere with me on my back and I would never know it was there.  Luckily, my step dad Mark is a computer genius, well he’s actually an everything genius, but that’s really besides the point here.  He was so patient and kind in helping this technologically challenged child of his in setting up my first actual computer.  He answered all my stupid elementary questions without making me feel as dumb as I felt.  So then I had the computer, now I can be a real blogger right?

I had no idea how daunting and challenging starting a blog would be.   It stressed me out to the point of tears.  I was having to teach myself everything from nothing.  I don’t even know how to send an email with an attachment and now I’m creating and building a webpage, WHAT?  I’m so determined though, and when I set my mind to something, nothing will stop me.  So I did it.   IT was one of the most challenging projects I have ever done, and to think I’ve hardly gotten started and I have SO much more to do and learn.  The more I get into it, the more I enjoy it.  I’m so happy when I’m working on my blog and I feel so accomplished with every small victory of something new learned.

Ok, I’m finally going to get to the point here.  This blog is going to change.  Not in the way I write or what I am writing about, but its going to have more of a focus.   I want my blog to inspire solo female travelers.  That doesn’t mean that all my male followers get to write me off.  This isn’t a girls only page.  But it just so happens that I am a girl and I’m a solo traveler and that’s what I am good at writing about.  I’m going to be focusing more on tips and more about how I get along on a dime.  I love what I am doing and I have no intention of ever stopping traveling.  It has changed my life, it has changed my heart and most importantly its changed who I am.  Being able to travel the world alone, with no one but myself to depend on, is extraordinarily empowering.  I want other woman to feel this way, I want to help others do what I am doing.  So, now my blog has purpose and with that I can build my business online.

If you didn’t already know, here’s how blogging works.  I’m going to start promoting my blog through Google SEO searches and using Pinterest to drive business to my sight and build a tribe of followers.   Then I will start working with affiliate companies to promote products to my tribe of people.  I will start reaching out to travel companies and hotels and start writing reviews for companies to drive their business.  In the future I want to write e books, like the millions I have read that have helped me.  Bottom line is that I want to keep traveling and nothing will stop me.

I love to write, I love photography and I absolutely love to travel.  It’s time that I step up my game here and focus on making this a means to continue doing what makes me the happiest I have ever been.  SO, I’ve started my course, I’m digging right in, and I have zero free time.  I hope that as I start to work on the blog more and more that you will enjoy the changes and enjoy watching it grow.  I absolutely love when I get feedback from all of you lovely people.  It makes me feel like my passion is validated and keeps me going even when I want to cry because I don’t know anything about SEO.

If you’re interested in helping me grow, then here’s a few quick, easy and most importantly free ways that you can help push me up this very long ladder:

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  2. Show me love by giving me feedback.  I can’t tell you all enough how much it means to me when you take time to comment on what I’m doing.  Also, on the flip side I would love to hear what I can improve on.   My feelings are not easily hurt and all I want is to make this blog better and feedback does that.  My Dad gives me feedback almost every blog and it totally drives me.  So please, let me hear from you.
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