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Have you ever seen an image like the one above and been like “how the F do I get to that?” How do I become one of those working nomads?  Well, I have, pretty recently actually.   Back in February of 2018 I quit my job, sold EVERYTHING I owned, bought a one-way ticket to Asia and never looked back.

Stop the reel: Now I know you’re all thinking I’m crazy and I’ve lost my marbles.  And to be honest with you, most people would agree.  However, bear with me for a moment because I’m about to share something important with you.

Traveling has saved my life.  I know that’s a wild and bold statement, but I’m being real with you.   I’ve always had a passion for travel, in fact, it’s the only thing I’ve ever truly been passionate about.   While most people my age are trying to advance in their careers, buy homes and have kids, I’m over here building my Pinterest boards with all the places I have to see before I die.

When I broke free from my stale and mundane life, left the US and started traveling, everything inside me shifted.   For the first time in my life, I was living for me.  I was calling all the shots,  being selfish, and giving myself the authority to make my dreams come true.  This was a game changer because I proved to myself that I am capable of anything I set my mind to.


I have now tasted the food of the world, experienced life outside my bubble, learned of other cultures and felt the connection and love of a stranger.  It has left me wanting more and has me thinking how can I make money from anywhere so I can continue to travel and have these amazing experiences?

That’s when I began researching ways of making money online, digital nomad jobs and how to be location independent.   Because let’s be real, in order to travel you gotta have some money.  I have my blog and I’m very proud of what I have accomplished, but in all honesty, it hasn’t made me a dime.   That’s when I stumbled upon the world of network marketing and I broke into the working nomads scene.

Digital nomad laptop at an outdoor cafe with trees and plants all around.


My first and most important reason for choosing network marketing is because it can be as flexible as I want it to be.  This means I can work as little or as much as I want.  My achievements will coincide with how much work and effort I put into my business.  Which leaves me 100% in charge and responsible for my successfulness.   This lifestyle is precisely what I am looking for to become a part of the working nomads world.

In definition, network marketing is a distribution model where affiliates make money from their own personal sales, as well as a portion of profit off the sales made from affiliates they recruit.  Creating a downline of compensation based on team volume.

Many people would call this a scheme, we’ve heard it all before.  The scheme where people at the top make money off the people on the bottom.  I also had these same concerns.  Here are a few questions I asked myself to make sure I was getting into something that I believed in with a product that I could support:

1) How do I feel about the founders?

2) Is this a product that I am personally interested in?

3) Are other people in the world interested in this product?  Is this product hot?

4) Is this product being promoted effectively?

5) Can I see myself successfully selling this product, as well as being able to find other people who are interested in promoting this product?

Ok, so now let’s break each one of these down.


My Daily Choice is a company that focuses on bringing together the most successful entrepreneurs, marketers, formulators, and consultants.  It’s a legacy company that is built to last.  They are committed to providing the most attractive and highest quality product line for their independent business owners, as well as their customers.


The founder’s story starts with a strong background in successful network marketing and was driven by a passion for alternative and holistic health.  After struggling from an autoimmune disease that plagued their life, the founders started experimenting with CBD oil.  Finding relief in this product is what drove their passion to get Hempworx products out into the world.

Which answers my number one question.  I feel strongly about Josh and Jenna Zwigal, the founders of My Daily Choice, because they had a need for a product that would allow them to live a more productive and healthy life, so they went out and found it.  When they successfully found an answer to their problem they decided to help others in need.


The older that I get, the more I realize how much my body is slowing down.  My metabolism has decreased causing me to gain weight quickly and my bones, muscles, and joints ache on the daily.  I’m far more sluggish than I was in my younger years, I’m not nearly as likely to hit the gym and it’s hard to get those extra pounds off, especially while traveling full time.

Traveling has presented its own set of challenges when it comes to staying healthy on the road and finding daily exercise options.  However, with the My Daily Choice’s innovative and life-changing products I’m able to achieve this, as well as my dreams of being a working nomad.  How awesome is this?

Hemp has a long history of beneficial and revolutionary qualities that thousands of people around the world are starting to recognize and support.  This is really nothing new though, hemp has been grown for over 12,000 years and has played a major role in the American revolution.

QUESTION: Did you know that the first American flag was made from hemp fabric and the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp?  Or that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp while Ben Franklin made hemp paper?  Furthermore, during the 18th-century hemp was used as a currency.

It’s pretty obvious that hemp has some deep historical roots in our nation and I’m pretty stoked to be investing in a product that is at the forefront of this exciting new industry.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT THE PRODUCTS: Check out this site with all our Product Info


I did a few things in order to answer this question for myself.  First, I hit the interwebs and did a google search for CBD testimonials.  I wasn’t shocked that I found people were seeing positive results, I kind of already knew that would be the case.  However, I was absolutely stunned by the vast amount of conditions that CBD was relieving for people ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I read story after story of people who were suffering from seizures, anxiety, sleep disorders, arthritis, pain from an injury, depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and so much more.  I can’t believe everything I read online, trust me I know.  With that being said, many of the testimonials I was reading supplied me with this info, which I found effective: It’s not a cure, but it helps people to be able to manage ailments in their life.

I don’t think I could stand by a product that swore to be a cure or end all to a common health issue.  To me, that’s just not logical.  However, I can 100% get behind a product that offers people relief while giving them the ability to live a healthier and happier life.  Honestly, who wouldn’t?


The next thing I did was order the products I would be selling and gave them a whirl.  Now I, fortunately, don’t have any chronic pain, sleep disorders or anxiety.  However, at the time of receiving my first round of products, I was suffering from shin splints.  Sounds pretty lame compared to the above list of real issues, but honestly, they caused me a lot of pain and made my daily run unbearable.

I started taking the Hempworx 750 oil every day and noticed my pain was relieved within an hour of dropping the oil under my tongue.  Are my shin splints, healed?  Not at all, but with the help of the Hempworx CBD oil, I am able to jog and walk without feeling like someone is hitting me in the shins with a baseball bat.  Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty jazzed about this.


The final research I did to answer the question of if other people were interested in CBD was conducted from my personal Facebook page.  I sent out a post asking people to tell me how they felt about CBD.  Anything at all they wanted to share with me.  I said “the good, the bad and the ugly”.

I received zero negative responses from anyone in my group of friends and followers.  Which is amazing because if someone was going to shoot me down or tell me something negative, it would be my friends, am I right?  Many people shared their own stories of CBD helping them in their lives, I even got stories of it helping pets.  A few people said it wasn’t working for them, but that it wasn’t causing them any negative effects either.

THE BOTTOM LINE HERE: CBD products are working to relieve people of pain and suffering with absolutely zero negative effects.  Enough said.


Absolutely.  Not only can you find a plethora of information about CBD online, but more specifically you can find a vast array of products and information about My Daily Choice in specific.   Everything I would ever need to know they offer me.  I have found information, training, reading material and videos.  My opportunities are endless.


Here we are now at my final question I asked myself before I decided to dive right in.  I know I will be successful at selling and promoting this product because it’s a great product offering amazing results.  My Daily Choice is a growing prosperous company that has proven to stand firm to their values and mission of offering innovative and high-quality products.  They basically sell themselves.

Although I am just starting out on this journey, I know I will be able to put together a group of supportive, strong and kick ass people who will help to drive sales.  I also know that as my tribe grows and proves to be successful more and more people are going to want to jump on board.

This is a product that is getting talked about all over the world.  It’s at the tip of everyone’s tongue and you simply can’t deny the results.

Digital nomad laptop at an outdoor cafe with trees and vines


Have you dreamed of traveling the world, working from anywhere with WiFi and being location independent? When I talk to most people about traveling, working online and the freedom I have, they say that I am living the dream.   I couldn’t agree more because my life is pretty dreamy.  Or at least I think so.

What surprises me the most is that not many people are taking advantage of the opportunities that the internet days have provided.   We are living in a time where almost everything is done digitally.  Soon it ALL will be done digitally.  Am I right or am I right?

Here’s the deal, if you’re interested, let me know.  Let’s go through this thing together.  You’re just starting, I’m just starting, we can team up and build together.   Most things are better done with company, I’m thinking this would be one of them.  Together we can achieve our goals of being working nomads.

Also, let me note here, this isn’t only for digital nomads or people who want to become a working nomad.  This is for everybody.  Anyone who wants to make some extra money, not punch the clock anymore, need a side hustle, stay at home moms, retired or bored.   There are people from all walks of life that are making a successful living from network marketing.  My question was why not me?  Or why not you?

LET’S GET YOU STARTED: Join me in this journey with MDC Lifestyle


Signing up and getting started is really simple.  There are several different start-up packages that you will need to look through and decide which one fits your budget and makes the most sense to you.  Then you fill out your information and voila, you’re an affiliate.

You will immediately get access to your back office.   Which is where you will find a vast amount of information that will help guide you through the process of selling and promoting the products, as well as building your own team.  You also get invited to be a part of a ginormous Facebook group of other people working to achieve the same goals.  This group is a giant beacon of valuable information.

My favorite part so far of this process has been trying out the products for myself.  I’m obsessed with the Hempworx 750 CBD oil.  I got it in the peppermint flavor but they also have natural or cinnamon.  Get a product that you’re excited and interested in and document your results.  I want to hear what you think.

Next, reach out to your tribe of people and see what they have to say about CBD.   What success stories are in your group and would they be interested in taking this journey with you?   This is an exciting product and people want to hear about it.  Get out there and tell the world.


I think what helped me in making the decision to start this new adventure was the amount of support I received along the way.  I’m extremely impressed by the number of tools I have been given, how quickly I’m getting answers to all my questions and how much my group has helped me.

Having all of these tools and people standing behind me has given me the faith that I can succeed in this journey.  All I need to do is believe in myself and apply all the things I am learning from this amazing group of humans.  The best feeling is that I am never alone in this.

When you receive your first round of products, you will also get your welcome package.  In the welcome package, there is a ton of information about the company, compensation plans, products, and brochures.  Included in the package is a book called Fearless Networking by Todd Falcone, which I read in one sitting and found really helpful for getting me into the success mindset.


I’m mostly excited to start this new business because it is going to allow me to continue to travel full time.   I can work from anywhere I want and for as long as I want.  I truly love that my success will be up to me, I feel like it makes me work harder to accomplish my goals.

I’m looking forward to meeting and introducing people to Hempworx and spreading the word about this compelling new product and industry.  I’m excited to surround myself with positive people that support my success mindset!

As I take this journey, I’ll keep you all posted and let you know about all my favorite products, why and how they are helping me live a more healthy and productive life and how I’m growing my own tribe of kick-ass people.

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If you have any questions regarding the business, products or just personal questions for me then please use the form below to contact me.   I would love to hear from you!  Lastly, If you’re already part of the working nomads scene, I would love to have a list of your favorite and best places for digital nomads.

With Love,



Being location independent has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Being a working nomad means that I can work from anywhere, allowing me to continue to travel full time. If you're interested in becoming a working nomad, then this article is for you. I explain in detail what I do to make money as a working nomad and how you can do it as well. #locationindependent #workingnomad #digitalnomad #nomadlife
Being location independent has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Being a working nomad means that I can work from anywhere, allowing me to continue to travel full time. If you're interested in becoming a working nomad, then this article is for you. I explain in detail what I do to make money as a working nomad and how you can do it as well. #locationindependent #workingnomad #digitalnomad #nomadlife
Being location independent has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Being a working nomad means that I can work from anywhere, allowing me to continue to travel full time. If you're interested in becoming a working nomad, then this article is for you. I explain in detail what I do to make money as a working nomad and how you can do it as well. #locationindependent #workingnomad #digitalnomad #nomadlife